On these websites you will find information and practical tips on how to use the SIM portal - the central HBKsaar online portal for your application, enrolment and studies.

  • Basic information about application  can be found on our websites for applying.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions are available as PDF-file as well

FAQ SIM-Portal Application


On the home page of the SIM application portal,  you will find the link "Forgot password".
Please click on the link and follow the instructions.

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In the upper light blue menu band, on the far right, you will find the symbol of a small person. If you click on this symbol, you can switch between the German and English language.

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No! Please do not register again under any circumstances, but use the user name (in the format B0012345) that you have received with your previous registration. If you have forgotten your user name, first check whether you still have the automatically generated e-mail for registration. In this e-mail you will find the username.
If you have lost your username, please contact us via the e-mail: sim-support@hiz-saarland.de.
Please be sure to include your full name, date of birth and the HBKsaar as University in the email. It is essential that you send the e-mail from the e-mail address that you used to register in the SIM application portal.

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Please check your e-mail account to see if you still have the automatically generated e-mail saved. This is the first e-mail that you received during your original registration. The subject of the e-mail is "Nutzerregistrierung".
If you can no longer find this e-mail either, please contact us via the email: sim-support@hiz-saarland.de.
Please be sure to include your full name and date of birth in the email. It is essential that you send the e-mail from the same e-mail address that you used to register in the SIM portal.

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If you have entered an invalid e-mail address, no valid application account will be created. Please register again and make sure you spell your e-mail address correctly!

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The SIM application portal is only needed for the application and enrolment process. Once you are enrolled, all further options, such as downloading the certificates of enrolment or re-registering for the following semester, are available in the SIM student portal.
Please be aware, that the two portals afford different login data.

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Explanation of the status updates of the application tiles in the SIM-portal

  • „Admission Offered“:
    Based on your application for admission, you have received an offer of admission. You still have to accept this offer within the period communicated in the notice in the portal and then submit your request for enrolment. To do this, open your application again in the SIM portal and follow the instructions in the pop-up window.
  • „Approved“:
    As soon as the Admissions Office has checked your enrolment request, and if everything was complete, the application will change to "Valid" or "approved". At this point, the enrolment system is only waiting for the semester fee to be received.
  • „Enrolled“:
    Your enrolment has now been processed and you can download your identification letter. Therefore, please open the SIM application portal and navigate to „Documents“ and there to „My certifications“.
  • „Excluded“:
    Your application for admission has been rejected. Open your application again and navigate to the "Documents" tab. You can now download the rejection letter.
  • „Registration-open“:
    You have accepted the offer of admission in due time. In order to become a student at HBKsaar, you still have to submit a request for enrolment in the portal in due time. Important: The mere acceptance of the offer of admission is not sufficient for enrolment at HBKsaar. The offer of admission will expire after the enrolment deadline, since only the enrolment request submitted on time declares the final acceptance of the study place that you were offered.
  • „Request for additional documents issued“:
    Documents are missing for the final processing of your application. Please upload the missing documents in the portal before the specified application deadline. To do so, please navigate to the "Documents" tab in your application and upload the marked documents there.
  • „Saved“:
    You have created an application or enrolment request, but you have not submitted it yet.
  • „Submitted“:
    „You have submitted your application for admission. You will usually not receive any further feedback until the application deadline has passed. As a next step, your application will participate in the admission procedure. You will receive a result at the end of the admission procedure. A decision is then made available to you for download in the SIM portal and you will also receive an e-mail.“
  • „To be verified“:
    The application or enrolment request that you submitted is currently being processed. This can in some cases take several weeks. If the application is approved or if documents are missing, this status will change and you will also receive an e-mail. Please refrain from asking questions about the status until you see a change of this status, to avoid slowing the process down.
  • „Valid“:
    As soon as the Admissions Office has checked your enrolment request, and if everything was complete, the application will change to "Valid" or "approved". At this point, the enrolment system is only waiting for the semester fee to be received.
  • „Withdrawn/Registration Withdrawn“:
    You have withdrawn your application for admission or enrolment request.

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In this case, please do nothing at all!
As long as your status is set at "to be verified", no action is required on your part. As soon as your application has been processed by the university, the status will change. Please avoid inquiries about the status of your application for the time being.

If the status is still set on „to be verified“, when the semester begins, please contact us via studierendenverwaltung@hbksaar.org.

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This error message appears if you have saved the username and password in your browser. Please type the username and password again manually.

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I am asked to upload my high school diploma. Do I have to upload the pages individually? 
No. Please scan all pages of your university entrance qualification (e.g. your high school diploma) and merge them into one PDF file and upload it. Only if this is not possible for you, the option is available to upload the individual pages 1 to 4 each separately in the upload box provided.

My high school diploma consists of more than four pages.
You do not need to upload your university entrance qualification as single pages. You can combine the single scans in one document and upload that. If your installed PDF viewer does not provide this possibility, you’ll find several free tools to do so in the internet.

Why is the passport photo needed and what format should it be in?
The passport photo will be printed on your student card, HBKsaar`s multifunction card. The photo must therefore have passport photo format and be uploaded in JPG format with the minimum resolution 248 x 330 pixels.

A proof of payment (usually the semester fee) is required. What do I have to do here?
Please transfer the correct amount to the bank account of HBKsaar.
Important: Please enter your matriculation number (only if you are or were already enrolled at HBKsaar) or the user name of your application account in the field "reason for payment". This is the user name you received when registering in the SIM application portal and starts with "B" followed by a 7-digit number series, e. g. B0012345. Enter this on the first line on the far left, leaving a blank space, and then complete your first and last name(s) and date of birth. Please upload the proof in the required place in the SIM portal.

I am enrolling in a master's program, do I really need to upload my high school diploma?
Yes, it is a mandatory field, please upload the document.

I am enrolling in a master's degree program. The enrolment requires a preliminary review documentation, where do I get it? 
Master students do not need to upload the preliminary review documentation. Please upload your high school leaving certificate (e.g.: Abitur, Baccalaureat etc.) instead.

I come from Switzerland/Austria/Liechtenstein/Luxemburg. Do I really have to upload a language certificate?
If you took German classes in senior high school, you do not need to request an official language certificate. It is completely sufficient, if you upload the relevant page(s) of your high school diploma.

I come from China. Why do I have to upload an additional language certificate?
Chinese applicants are requested to have their academic transcripts approved by the academic examinations office of the cultural affairs department at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Peking (APS).

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If documents are missing but can be submitted later, you will be informed by e-mail and the upload function will be enabled for you again. In this case, please open your application in the SIM portal and switch to the "Documents" tab.

If you accidentally uploaded the wrong documents or forgot documents during an application for admission, you can the application once again after uploading the correct documents.

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This is a cache issue that can occur when the page is accessed multiple times. Try the following solutions:

  • Clear your browser's cache (you find it in your browser’s settings).
  • Open a private / incognito tab (you find this option in your browser’s settings) and visit the website with it.
  • Use another browser.

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For each request you have the option to withdraw it.
Please open the relevant application and click on the "withdraw" field at the bottom right. The application will still be available in your SIM portal, but will be displayed with the status update "withdrawn".

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It can take several days until the receipt of payment is confirmed in the SIM portal, sometimes longer. This should not worry you if you have used the correct bank details for the transfer.
You will find your identification letter under the tab "Documents" when you open your application/enrolment request in the SIM portal.

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Please log in to the SIM student portal with your HIZ-ID. You can download your enrollment certificate there. As soon as the change of study program has been processed by the university, you can see this on the enrolment certificate. The new program is then listed there.

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Please accept the admission offer in the SIM student portal.

As a second step, you have to enroll into this new degree program:  please click on the corresponding application tile. On the next page, a blue bar appears at the bottom of the screen and here please click on "Enroll". You have to confirm the enrolment in a dialog box.
Afterwards, please fill in all required sections (grayed out fields will be ignored) and upload the marked mandatory documents. Once you have entered your information, you can select the desired change of enrolment (change of program) in the section "Confirm desired study program" and mark the selection of the desired enrolment by clicking on the corresponding check boxes. Click then on "Submit application" in the blue bar at the bottom right. In another dialog box you will be asked to confirm your selection.

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After the enrolment, you will no longer use the SIM application portal, but will now have access to the SIM student portal.
To log in to the SIM student portal, please use your HIZ ID and the student password that you have chosen. You will find the HIZ-ID and your master password (incl. change notice) in your identification letter, which is available for download in the SIM application portal after enrolment.

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